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Aye Up

I’m Michael and I live in Ilkley on the edge of the stunning Yorkshire Dales. Like many, I have only recently found cycling. And like many I’m glad I did. I have made umpteen new friends, got a whole lot fitter and been able to see the hidden gems of my county and further afield.

Living around here you have to be prepared to climb. No long, rouleur type spins in these parts. You have to love lumps in the Dales. It goes with the territory.

From this new found love a few prints were born for my living room wall. Just local ones, Cow and Calf, Park Rash and Thwaites Brow were among the first. My cycling pals seemed to like them too, I only insisted they had to have ridden it to be given it. Don’t worry, this is no longer compulsory, but then again, I’m not giving them away any more either!

If you find yourself in Ilkley, all our prints are available at EME Cloth & Yarn, my wife’s little shop at 25b Brook Street.

Please be assured if these prints ever deliver any profit it will be ploughed back into tubes, bar tape, brake blocks, grease, cables etc.

I know very few people would attempt these hills on a single speed, I just prefer the simple way it looks!

Michael Harris